Physicians committing medical error cost thousand deaths

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In the United States today, there is an alarming increase of prescription resulting in serious injury, illness and even death. This is one of the most common causes of medical malpractice which claimed the lives of approximately 7,000 people each year. Victims of prescription mistakes may be entitled to compensation for their pains, sufferings and losses.

Doctors and medical professional prescription mistakes are not limited only to the giving of wrong medication, but also other forms of negligence. Common mistakes include: the giving of wrong dosage without considering the weight and age of a patient,  disregarding cases of allergies or other complications that may affect the patient’s health while taking the medication. Prescription mistakes may occur in pharmacies, drug stores, hospitals, doctor’s offices or clinics, nursing homes, and even in your own home,

U.K.’s General Medical Council (GMC) expressed its concern over the alarming number of medication errors caused by general practitioners (GPs) in the U.K. Their data showed that 20 %t of patients has been victims of at least one medication error per year, and nearly one-quarter of these cases have been severe or fatal.

A panel conducted a survey among1, 200 patients of all ages regarding their experiences and many revealed that they know that some doctors make prescription mistakes or dosing errors for elderly and young patients than they do for other age groups. The young and the elderly can be seriously affected by the error. Studies showed that for a period of 12 months, 18% of all patients were victims of least one prescription error a year, while 38 % of those over the age of 75 also experienced the same prescription. Children below 14 were also found to be more prone to medication and dosing errors.

The condition is something to be worried about as such dangerous mistakes are continually committed which is high risk for  patient’s safety, said Katherine Murphy from the Patients Association, a private, volunteer-based patient advocacy organization.

In the 2006 report made by the Washington Post, the situation in the U.S appears to be even worse, as at least 1.5 million Americans are injured, sickened, or killed every single year as a result of prescription drugs. The data released by the Institute of Medicine (IoM) said that at least one hospital patient a day is harmed by a medication error in the U.S. Collectively. The costs of remediating drug-related injuries in the U.S. top $3.5 billion a year.

Charles B. Inlander, one of the panel members advising the IoM, to the Washington Post, hopes that the report provides everyone involved good, hand information on how they can prevent medication errors, and then create some pressure to have them implemented.

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