Police ID worker electrocuted in Delaware

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GREENVILLE, Del. — New Castle County detectives have finally discovered the name of the victim who was engulfed on fire after being electrocuted.

Detectives identified the victim as Jeffrey Stone 50 years old and residing Block 100 of Main St., in Townsend, Delaware.

The investigation learned that fatality was repairing his bucket style truck in the vicinity of Block 10of Congressional Drive in the Greenville Place Apartment complex at around 4:20 o’clock Monday.
While lifting the boom of the truck, it touched the power line of Delmarva which electrocuted the victim.

In a matter of seconds, the man was engulfed with fire due to the electricity. It was the electrocution that set the man to fire.
When the officers reached the scene, Stone was dead.

OSHA and detectives are working on the case. They did not discover any foul play and his family have been notified.

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Link – https://www.networx.com/article/top-causes-of-electrical-accidents

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