San Diego woman slips in shower and falls out window, down shaft

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Your bathroom is truly the most dangerous spot in the house. Watch your step in the shower: as you might be like this woman who slipped and fell out the bathroom window and landed at the bottom of a 15-foot shaft.

This is the experience of a San Diego woman who lost her balance in the shower of her second-floor apartment. She fell from an open 2-by-3-foot window right beside the bathtub. According to the report of the press, the woman who is in her 50’s fell to the bottom of a light shaft which is from six to eight feet below ground level.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Battalion Chief David Connor said that it was a freakish kind of accident. The Chief noticed that each bathroom in the apartment complex has a window into a shaft.  It is noticeable that the light shaft was designed to bring light and air into interior rooms which are a common feature of older apartment buildings.

The fire department was trying to decide how they could get back the woman. Fire officials pulled the woman up through the window, and she was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in the report that this is an extreme example of bathroom injuries which are more common than you might think. They reported that in 2008, there was an estimated 234,094 bathroom injuries in the U.S. and more than 2/3 of those cases happened in the bathtub or shower, and 81% overall were related to accidental falls.

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