2 injured in small explosion at brewery

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There was a small explosion that occurred at the brewery of Samuel Adams in Lehigh County which injured at least two employees, had the 100 employees evacuated and stop operation of the brewery for at least a while.

People in the neighborhood heard an explosion a few minutes before noon Thursday inside one of the boiler rooms in the brewery. Samuel Adams Brewery is located adjacent to 78 Interstate, near Route 100, in Upper Macungie Township.

Michelle Sullivan, a spokeswoman for the Boston Beer Company said that the workers were starting their work on one of the boilers when the explosion occurred. The broiler room was a standing structure separated from the rest of the brewery.

The employees, who were trained on emergency procedures, called 911immediately, all operations were closed down and evacuation in the brewery’s buildings started. Sullivan said that they learned well the protocol of the company, Sullivan said.

The explosion caused injury on two workers: one complained an irritation of the eye and the other sustained a head bump. They were treated in the scene for minor injury.

The hazardous materials team immediately arrived on the scene as the pipe in the boiler room is wrapped with asbestos. The brewery also called the monitoring expert for environment to check the air quality.

Before work in the boiler room is resumed, both the fire marshal and the fire department must certify that the air quality is good and the building structurally safe. For the present, the brewery has not yet resumed, but that the area for packaging and shipping have returned to normal.

According to  Lehigh Valley Marketplace, there are.300 people employed in the brewery which produces the best beer of Samuel Adams. This brewery started as the Schaefer Brewing Company in 1971 and was later purchased by Stroh, then sold to Pabst; then bought by Fogelsville brewery

The facility again changed hands again and introduced Smirnoff Ice until in June of 2008; until the ownership was finally transferred to Boston Beer Company.

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