Dental Malpractice

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A dental visit is always considered unpleasant for both young and old. Hardly anyone enjoys visiting the dentist. Whether it is removing a root canal, a crown, or a complicated oral surgery, dentists are always associated with pain. Still, licensed dentists are trusted to look after your oral  health and every time your teeth and gums need attention.

What happens when something goes wrong while you are reclined in that chair? Or what will you do then dental work experiences complications months later? If you suffered significant loss or pain at the hands of a negligent dentist, you have a reason to file a case against that dentist.

Most people consider malpractice in relation to what a physician or a dentist does to cause harm to a patient. It covers everything from permanently injuring a tongue nerve during a surgery miscue to crafting a defective oral device that causes costly and painful complications. These are negligent acts on the part of the dentists. You have also to include what the dentist failed to do as a ground for dental malpractice. If the dentist failed to diagnose oral cancer or other serious problems then the dentist has a day in the courtroom.

Legal professionals consider these few instances as dental malpractice cases in which case patient can expect a substantial settlement or huge award at the trial:

– Injuries of the nerve affecting patient’s ability to taste;
– Nerve injuries causing continuous numbness in the tongue or even just part of it;
– Complications due to negligence in  completing crowns and bridges;
– Failure of dentist to take a patient’s relevant medical history into account before doing his job ;
– Dentist failure to detect oral cancer, periodontal disease, or other diseases;
– Any kind of complications from anesthesia, even when releases are signed;
– Extraction unnecessarily of multiple teeth;
– Extracting the wrong teeth.

Whatever is the case; the weight is on your side to demonstrate more than just feeling some short-term pain or making unnecessary extra visit. The malpractice has to cause you quantifiable harm and of a certain high degree that you can recover a sizable sum if the case were to go to trial. Or in some cases,  you had to undergo an expensive emergency surgery to correct what the dentist did wrong, or  you missed a significant amount of work, or if you suffered permanent loss of sensation or disfigurement; those are tangible conditions reliable enough that the dentist’s malpractice insurer should offer you a fair settlement.

Since laws vary from state to state, you need to consult the services of a legal professional.

If you were injured as a result of someone’s negligence please contact an experienced Injury Lawyer to discuss options that both you and your loved ones may have to be compensated.

If you or a loved has suffered due to negligence you may wish to consult with experienced Philadelphia Injury Lawyers. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Please note strict deadline apply and it is in your best interest to contact a Pennsylvania attorney immediately.

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