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Is there anything worse than the squeal of car tires and the horrible sound of metal crunching? Yes, there is. The realization that this was not a fender bender and someone was hurt in the car wreck. It is a disorientating event, and as you climb from your automobile, you ask:

What should you, no, what do you need to do?

Some things to do immediately after a car accident involving injuries are:

  • First and most important, make sure everyone is alright and get medical attention for those who need it.
  • Call the police. It is a crime to not report a serious automobile accident and you may risk losing insurance coverage if you fail to file a report within five days.
  • Document the accident and note things like the damage to your car, the weather, skid marks, alcohol on someone’s breath, time of day, missing road signs, or any detail involved with the car accident. Take pictures if you can. The more detailed you are, the better.
  • Ask for the names of witnesses.
  • Collect insurance information from other drivers.
  • Be polite but do not admit guilt to anyone.
  • Provide your insurance information to other drivers. Do not share your address, license, or registration information.

After the dust settles, you are forced to deal with the obvious financial implications. Your auto, and possibly other cars or property, are damaged and need repairs. But the expenses don’t stop there. Someone was hurt and there are medical bills and items like lost wages to cover.

While you are certain that you share no fault, proving that to an insurance company is not so easy, including the firm that provides your own coverage. They refuse to pay and employ deductibles and other excuses along the way. Details you see as indisputable are refuted and it might even get to the point where you need to hire an expert to establish the facts of the case. If you are the one who was hurt, how are you going to do all this yourself? The answer is obvious, you can’t! You need help.

To give yourself the best chance at proper compensation for your damages, you need to retain a good attorney. A lawyer brings the knowledge and experience needed to negotiate with the insurance companies and other attorneys, and cut through the routine denial of payments. And if your case goes to trial, who better to have on your side than a reputable lawyer who knows the local laws and procedures.

In the United States, there are nearly six million car accidents annually. Around half of these accidents result in moderate to severe personal injury and people don’t consult a Car Accident Attorney. These injuries can cost victims a fortune – but they don’t have to.

If you have been injured by a car wreck, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel. Read on for the essential facts about handling your car accident claim.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer 

You can avoid car accidents taking a toll financially by seeking legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer.

As a victim of a car accident, you should not have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses and car repair or replacement. In today’s economy you may have doubts about hiring a personal injury lawyer, but the reality is that, after the a financial pitfall like a car wreck, you can’t afford not to recover your losses.

Deciding to settle with an insurance company or hire a lawyer is a difficult decision to make. To help, we’ve compiled the top three facts about personal injury lawyers to help better inform your decision:

1. Experience in Negotiation 

After a stressful event like a car wreck, having somebody to fight on your behalf will help you receive the biggest settlement in the negotiation process. For example, insurance adjusters cannot pressure an attorney to settle, but can easily pressure a claimant who may not know about the laws meant to protect them.

Insurance adjusters regularly offer claimants less money than a case is worth. This is a money-saving tactic insurance companies use to maximize their profits, but it means you won’t receive the money you need to recover.

An experienced car accident attorney knows how much cases are worth, and will use this knowledge to get you the biggest settlement possible.

2. Knowledge of the Law 

An experienced car accident attorney knows the  law, inside and out – and this knowledge of  the law results in much bigger settlements. Having extensive knowledge of both state and federal law makes  all the difference when it comes to filing for the biggest claims possible.

3. Proving Fault and Challenging Decisions

An experienced personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly to prove fault in an accident for their client receive the largest settlement. In addition, a lawyer is not afraid to challenge the decision made by the insurance company, or even the law enforcement, that you were at fault for the accident.

Hiring an attorney to fight for you will help you receive the compensation you need after being involved in a car accident.

Car Accident Settlements: The Bottom Line

Because of the pressure insurance companies put on claimants to settle for a lesser amount, hiring legal representation to fight on your behalf will help you receive the maximum amount of compensation.  A  car accident lawyer has the experience, knowledge and fighting power necessary for you to receive the largest settlement possible after an accident.


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