What Causes Auto Accidents

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The causes of all sorts of accidents have been well documented and research has found that 80 percent of accidents can be put down to human error in some way or another. The worst type of accident is one where an injury is inflicted on a victim and it was not their fault. These are the types of injuries that occupy attorneys on a regular basis, as compensation payments are available to the victim from the person at fault.

Careless accidents can occur when a negligent driver has failed to follow road rules and causes an accident, or where an employer has neglected to maintain equipment used in the workplace or has employed staff that is not suitably skilled to undertake a particular task. This means fellow workers are put at risk of being injured. If you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, then a lawyer will need to be contacted to assess your eligibility for a compensation payment.

Causes of accidents through human error

  • Taking Shortcuts – trying to speed up the completion of a job by failing to comply with normal rules e.g. not cleaning up oil off a workshop floor.
  • Being over confident – performing an act which you are not sure if you can complete safely e.g. overtaking on a busy stretch of road.
  • Poor housekeeping – employer failing to maintain equipment in a workplace e.g. reversing siren on a forklift truck.
  • Ignoring safety procedures – not wearing the required safety equipment e.g. a helmet on a construction site.
  • Mental distractions – trying to do too many jobs at once e.g. talking on a cell phone while driving.
  • Insufficiently qualified – workers who are improperly trained are a danger in a workplace.

The above reasons for accidents taking place can have a serious impact on another person’s life as an injury such as head injury, a spinal injury or the loss of a limb can ruin the rest of your life. A cut and a bruise can be painful, but will soon heal, but a spinal injury whether serious or not can lead to chronic pain for the rest of your life.

This means there might be a necessity to depend on other people to look after you as your mobility might be reduced. Ongoing pain always involves more regular visits to a physician to get painkillers or to discuss other ways of relieving the pain. In the end all this involves financial hardship. The sad thing is that so many injuries are caused simply because of the careless and negligent action of someone else.

If you have been a victim of an accident and received an injury that was not your fault then you should contact an accident and personal injury attorney to assess your case for a compensation claim. It is your legal right to claim compensation from the person who has inflicted the injury.

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