Bus drivers have to undergo drug counseling after unwittingly eating laced brownies

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An uncommon incident happened in the work place of a bus driver. He brought brownies to work and offered them to his co-drivers. They ate the brownies, unknowingly; the brownies were laced with pot. After they were apprehended and required to undergo drug counseling, two of the drivers refused.

The bus driver identified as Ku’uipoaloha Lawler of San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) was accused of giving brownies laced with pot to two of his co-drivers. The company fired him and the San Diego police presented the investigation results to the District Attorney for consideration.

This situation brings out more controversies regarding what will happen to the three drivers who were not even aware that the brownies were laced with pot.

On the day that Lawler and his other two co-drivers consumed the brownie; they were still able to go on their regular routes but pulled over as the drug took effect. MTS sent replacement drivers and the three of them were in trouble.

They provided a urine sample and they were placed on paid leave. Meanwhile, they were required to undergo a drug counseling before returning to work.

One driver decided to attend the drug counseling but two refused.

Mark Hall who was one of the two drivers who refused to attend the counseling, took his case to  the San Diego Union-Tribune.

He said it was unfair for them to take drug counseling when they didn’t even know that the brownies were laced with pot. Lawler did not know that the brownies they were eating had drugs. But according to the requirement of the Federal Transit Administration safety regulations, drivers must undertake a substance abuse counseling if they were tested positive in a drug test.

MTS said that although they want to treat their drivers fairly, they have to abide by the FTA requirement.

A month after the incident, feds finally gave their verdict. The three drivers didn’t have to undergo counseling, and they were allowed to return to bus driving. Criminal law considers an exception for involuntary intoxication when the affected person didn’t know they were ingesting a mind-altering substance.

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Link – https://www.safetynewsalert.com/did-bus-drivers-have-to-undergo-drug-counseling-after-unwittingly-eating-laced-brownies/#more-16477

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