Car prowl suspect arrested after damaging six cars, expensive harp in wild police pursuit

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SEATAC, Wash. — Police said that the mayhem covered by crime scene was like the size of Rhode Island. A man was taken in custody last Sunday in SeaTac after a high-speed police chase that damaged six vehicles and caused havoc in the entire area.

The spokesperson of King County Sheriff’s Office said that the incident started at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, at the corner of 42nd Avenue and South 154th Street. Deputies of the sheriff’s office were trying to corner a 27-year-old man who was driving recklessly and breaking into vehicles. When the suspect noticed that the police were after him, he put his car into reverse, hit a police officer’s vehicle and took off.

King County Sheriff Steve Strachan said that the suspect was driving erratically at high speed which was extremely dangerous. At this time, no one was hurt.

The suspect in a blind rampage hit a total of five vehicles which included the two cop cruisers. After his car was severely battered, the suspect jumped out of the car and scampered away, police said. The police were able to track him to a nearby house and arrested him.

One of the vehicles hit by the suspect belonged to Juliet Stratton who was on her way home from a concert. She is thankful that she is still alive. When she saw the rampaging car, she thought it was the end.

Stratton said she’s glad she was able to walk away from the accident with just a few scratches. But Stratton’s most important passenger, a 30-year-old concert harp she has owned for almost 30 years, was not as lucky. The Concert Grand Harp which is valued at $30k had made its last performance.

Sheriff Strachan reported that the suspect already had past DUI convictions and felony convictions for stealing property. His office is conducting the investigation so proper charges can be filed.

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