Electrocution leads to OSHA inspection, $189K fine

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An employee of Halcon Resources Corp working to restore power to a pumping station was electrocuted. When Occupational Safety and Health Administration -(OSHA) heard about the fatality, it started an investigation. The purpose was to determine why the employee came into contact with energized electrical parts. This incident happened last April.

The investigation conducted by OSHA revealed that the Halcon Resources Corp. of Electra, Texas, do not give adequate training to their employees on the hazards of electrical repairs near energized equipment.

The company has to face two willful and seven serious OSHA fines. They failed to provide adequate training on safe work practices & procedures; and did not give sufficient electrical protective equipment, such as gloves, especially for employees performing maintenance work.

Serious violations include failure to give special lockout/tag out procedures; guarantee that energy sources of electrical equipment are locked out before performing maintenance; proper testing of electrical personal protective equipment; and making sure that only qualified personnel perform testing and maintenance on electrical equipment.

A staggering amount of $189,000 was slapped as proposed penalties.
The company is given 15 business days to contest the fines.
As a Houston-based oil and gas servicing company, Halcon Resources does business as WG Operating.

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Link – https://www.safetynewsalert.com/electrocution-leads-to-osha-inspection-189k-fine/

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