Former Philadelphia police Lt. Josey charged for punching woman

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PHILADELPHIA – Formal charges have been filed against former police Lt. Jonathan Josey, who was caught on camera punching a woman in the face.

On the Thursday afternoon news conference, District Attorney Seth Williams announced that Josey is charged with Simple Assault, a 2nd-degree misdemeanor.

It appears that Josey will fight these charges, but he is going to surrender in the District Attorney’s office tomorrow to face charges filed against him of Simple Assault, a 2nd-degree misdemeanor
After the Puerto Rican Day Parade on September 30th, an internet video seen by millions showed Lt. Jonathan Josey punching 39-year-old Aida Guzman at 5th and Lehigh at a street party .

Although Williams mentioned that many in the crowd during the parade rowdy and obnoxious, but Josey’s behavior crossed the line.

Williams continued by saying that using force was unnecessary in that circumstance. Of course he had every right to stop Ms. Guzman, to detain her for her behavior, if he believed it was unruly and reasonable as people can very well see that her behavior was in appropriate.

After Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey saw the cell phone video, he decided to fire Lt. Josey and assigned investigation to internal affairs which recommended the charges.

Williams admitted that officers have the legal authority to use force, but only that force necessary to affect an arrest.

Josey will be defended by the Fraternal Order of Police which stated that it will fight for his acquittal in court and try to get his job back through arbitration.

FOP President John McNesby announced that they are going to defend Jonathan Josey all the way through this process and make sure his day of exoneration will be coming.

Josey’s lawyer said it is regrettable that sometimes these video clips end up going viral, so to speak, tend to sensationalize these incidents and take things out of context.

The video started with officers on the scene for a traffic stop of an erratic driver. Guzman was seen jumping behind the officers with something in her hand. A few moments into the clip, an unidentified man threw liquid on Josey. That’s when Josey turned around, approached Guzman and punched her to the ground.

Aida Guzman, the claimant said that she is pleased about the criminal charges against Josey.

Community activist Quetcy Lozada is also pleased that a thorough investigation is made and hopes that fair punishment be given.
If convicted, Josey could see some jail, but that is unlikely as he would be considered a first time offender.

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