Investigation into worker’s fall leads to criminal charges against owner

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Criminal charges were filed against business owner due to worker’s fall. Business owners who cheat the workers’ comp system will be penalized and if done for the second, the penalty is no longer a fine but a time in jail.

David Rau was charged with intentional false reporting which is considered a felony as the business was trying to save on workers’ comp cost.

Davey’s Roofing of Lake Stevens was filed a case which was discovered when one of its employees was critically injured when he fell off a roof.

The worker’s medical bills accumulated to over $70,000, and as time went on, they continued to grow as he was on his way to recovery.
This case was not the first instance where Rau wanting to skip payment of workers’ comp alleged that he had no employees.

Way back in 2001, when Washington Labor and Industries (L&I) audited Davey’s Roofing, they found out that Rau did not report his 13 workers. L & I fined him $3,000 and educated him on his responsibility to report his workers and pay for comp insurance to cover them if they’re injured.

But Rau did not learn from that first lesson as he repeated the offense.

It appeared that since 2001 until the time of his worker’s injury in 2010, Rau had never filed a report of any employee.

There were witnesses who told L&I investigators that during time period, Davey’s Roofing had been employing multiple workers.

Upon auditing his records, investigators discovered that Davey’s Roofing owed more than $150,000 in unpaid premiums and penalties.
Rau, if convicted, will be facing a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment, including a fine of $10,000 plus restitution and costs.

Frauds committed on workers’ comp negatively impact other businesses. When those who are scoundrels in businesses do not report workers and fail to buy workers’ comp insurance for them, they are unfairly underbidding honest businesses. It is an unfair business practice as it leaves others to pay the costs of injuries to workers without coverage.

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