Man Struck, Killed by Tree While Standing on Porch

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Police recounted that among the fatalities on the wake of super storm Sandy was a man who was standing on his back porch when large tree fell and killed him

A 62-year-old man died after he was struck by a tree that fell while he was standing on his back porch waiting outside for his dog.

Due to the lashing winds, a 60-foot tree fell on top of a home killing a Berks County resident while he was standing on the porch after letting his dog out.

It took place at a home on 330 Woodside Drive in Pike Township. Investigators identified the fatality as Gerald Witman, 62, of Oley, Pa. He let his dog out to use the bathroom but as he was standing waiting for his pet to come back, a gig tree fell, struck him and killed him.

Mrs. Witman was inside the home and was not injured, according to investigators.

The crew responded to the call, came to the house and found Witman’s body.

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