Man who suffered seizure sues Rite Aid for filling prescription with wrong medication

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One of the city Rite Aid stores is facing a civil complaint when its pharmacist filled a prescription with the wrong medication.

The complainant, a Philadelphia man claimed that he was suffering seizure early last year after a city Rite Aid store pharmacist filled his prescription with the wrong medication. This case is already filed against the business in state court.

Rite Aid Corp. and the Rite Aid Pharmacy located at 6363 Frankford Avenue are the defendants named in the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, Michael Kelly on Jan. 31, 2011, picked up a prescription for a drug known as extended release Pentoxofylline. The pharmacist filled the prescription carelessly incorrectly and negligently with 180, 200 mg pills of Carbamazepine. No knowing of the mistake, the claimant was able to ingest 18 of the pills from Beruary 1 – 3 of that year.

On the third day, Kelly began experiencing dizziness, sslurred speech and triple vision.

He had a seizue and had to crawl on the ground to reach home.

Feb. 3, after returning home from dropping his wife off at work, Kelly, after getting out of his car, began experiencing triple vision, dizziness and slurred speech before falling to the ground, attempting to crawl into his house and suffering a seizure, His neighbors found him in his condition.

Kelly ended up suffering serious and permanent injuries including loss of balance requiring the use of a cane, slurred speech, memory problems and permanent neurological problems, the suit claims.

Kelly said that the defendants had not in any way warned him of their mistakes. Rite Ais is accused of negligence.

Due to the error, Kelly incurred medical expenses due to the ingestion of the wrong pills. He also suffered extreme physical pain, mental stress and humiliation. Most of all, he experienced permanent mental scarring.

The complainant is demanding damages in excess of $50,000, plus  interest, delay damages and other equitable relief.

His wife is also asking for $50,000 in damages due to loss of consortium.

The plaintiff is asking for a trial by jury.

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