NY doctor says nurses to blame in RFK son spat

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MOUNT KISCO, N.Y.  — Nurses were blamed by a New York doctor and the Kennedy family for a maternity ward scuffle that caused the Douglas Kennedy’s arrest.

A case was filed against Douglas Kennedy; scion of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy for kicking a nurse and twisting the arm of another nurse in his effort to take his newborn son from a suburban New York hospital in January.

According to the nurses, Kennedy was violating hospital policy.

But a physician whose friend of the Kennedy’s, Dr. Timothy Haydock and was with Kennedy during the scuffle, stated in the trial last Thursday that Kennedy was already granted permission from the nurses. He related that when another nurse came, she threatened to summon an abduction alarm.

Haydock recounted that the nurse who accused that she was kicked was actually the one who  instigated the scuffle by thrusting at Kennedy and forcibly taking the baby away from him.

The trial of Kennedy will be continued on Friday.

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Link – https://www.salon.com/2012/10/25/ny_doctor_says_nurses_to_blame_in_rfk_son_spat/

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