Teacher Hospitalized After Chemical Burns

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A teacher from the Albert Gallatin School District is hospitalized after she was burn from a chemical spill accident in her classroom last week.

According to district superintendent, Carl Bezjak, one of their chemistry teachers whose identity he did not mention, suffered hand burns after a spillage from an acid-based chemical container kept in a closet locker in the Chemistry lab. The incident happened in the high school building on October 10.

Superintendent Bezjak said that the teacher was first treated for hand burns and released from medical care. However, she wanted additional treatment and is currently hospitalized in UPMC-Presbyterian hospital in Pittsburgh.

Bezjak was wondering what happened to the chemistry teacher when she was presumed to be fine but asked for additional treatment in a hospital. Hospital official reported that the teacher is in fair condition.

Jason Hutchinson, High School Principal, said that there were no students in the classroom when the accident happened and the spilled chemicals were immediately contained so no one in the building was endangered from toxic fumes.

.Bezjak confirmed that all chemicals in school are kept in a locked closet when not in use. He said the teacher and school officials are doing periodic checks of the chemicals to guarantee that the campus will be safe throughout the year.
Bezjak commented that he wishes Chemistry teacher to recuperate and that the incident will not happen again.

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