Wife among two fatally electrocuted while trying to save car crash victim as husband watched in horror

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It was a scene of horror as the Good Samaritan Irma Zamora, 40, stepped into flooded street that carried an estimated 4,800 volts of electricity as her husband’s attempted, as well as others  on the scene reached for her left hands and getting severely electrocuted as well. A second Good Samaritan 39 years old, Stacey Schreiber jumped into the electrified water to save Mrs Zamora before she too fell lifeless to the ground.

Irma Zamora was warned by her husband not to get out of their vehicle as they were in the vicinity of a car accident that smashed a fire hydrant and knocked a light post into the water. With her intention to help the victim inside the smashed SUV, Irma, a 40-year-old mother from Burbank, California insisted and this act of kindness cost her life.

The light post lying in the street with water gushing from the fire hydrant sent a current of electricity estimated by firefighters at 4,800 volts into the pooling street. It shocked everyone who tried to help; resulting to two fatalities.

Gerome Glassman who was in the scene said that all of them attempted to rescue the woman but each one got electrocuted and had to step back. Skyler Maxon, who arrived in the scene with his twin brother, said that his brother was hospitalized after he tried to reach out for her. Stacey Schreiber, 39-year-old who lived in an apartment nearby, also ran into the water.

Mr. Zamora’s husband who was standing at the edge of the water cried out and had to be restrained by other witnesses as he tried to step into the water which also shocked him.

Fire fighters used a 6-foot non-electricity conducting pole to remove Mrs Zamora’s body and Ms Schreiber’s body from the water.

Mrs Zamora’s son told the reporter that his Mom always want to help those in need so he is very confident that she is now in a better place enjoying her reward. Mrs. Zamora’s sister, Ana Aviles told reporter that Irma died like a hero.

Mrs Aviles said that she was watching the news with family when she heard of the tragic accident, not knowing that it was her sister lying in the street.

The operator of the SUV was 19 year old Arman Samsonian who was speeding and crushed on the road. On behalf of his brother, Ani told the media that her brother accepted all the  responsible for the deaths that night but he also tried to reach out to help the woman but was also electrocuted.

He told his sister to buy flowers and place it in the site. Ani said that contrary to witness’ reports, her brother claimed that he was not street racing that night.

The SUV driver will be facing reckless driving charges while a friend who was seen driving behind or next to him before the crash will be questioned as well.

Samsonian’s sister said everyone involved in this incident is going to be changed forever. No one will be looking at life in the same way.

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Link – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2193627/Irma-Zamora-Wife-fatally-electrocuted-responding-car-crash-husband-watched-horror.html

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