Women Complain of Nursing Home Abuse

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BEAUFORT, S.C. (CN) – Two elderly women submitted separate claims that a caretaker employed in the  nursing home is abusive and even slapped one patient so hard it made her nosebleed, and a penchant to vaginal area of another elderly patient with toothpaste, and threatened to choke her if the woman tried to prevent it.
The elderly patients, age 93 and 79, identified that the defendant is a Brookdale Senior Living and Southern Assisted Living employee, named Sonia S. King at their Carolina House nursing home on Hilton Head Island. They averred that the Carolina House retained King even though she was already known to be abusive to the residents of Carolina House and was once suspended for verbally abusing a senior resident.

According to Elizabeth O’Meara, 93, King slapped her while giving her dose of medicine causing her nose to bleed. She also threatened to force her to smell her own feces if she refused the pills.

After Mrs. O’Meara spit out the medication, King forcefully shoved the medication down her throat and continued to verbally abuse the poor woman several times.

“King’s co-worker, Shanda Young was witness to the abuse and reported the incident to Carolina House Director of Nursing. King was already suspended by Carolina House for verbally abusing a senior resident. That was after Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office made an investigation and, defendant King was arrested and charged with elderly abuse.
Yvonne Carrie Pruett, 79, another elderly resident, claimed that King abused her on the same day. Defendant King jerked her from bed by pulling her arms, undressed her, placed toothpaste on a washcloth, and washed her vaginal area with toothpaste. Pruett said there was a witness to the abuse and reported the incident to the Director of the House.

Pruett added that Carolina House knew or should have known the repercussion of subjecting its sensitive adult residents with dementia to abusive employees would result in severe mental and emotion distress and anguish.
The women are seeking compensatory and punitive damages for negligence, infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery and unfair trade practices.

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